Colors of music

The play introduces the children audience to the world of visual arts and music through the story of seven dwarfs, presenting the seven musical notes, as well as the seven colors of the rainbow The story is told by a painter, who hides the colorful dwarves in his toolbox. Two plots develop in parallel: Dorina the ballerina is dreaming of becoming a star. In her quest to find the melody that dissappeared from the music box where she lives, she meets the seven dwarfs, one at a time. In the mean time, the dwarfs undergo a transformation from life of solitude to consolidation and friendship, giving birth to music. But not without conflict! In the pouring rain, the dwarves are fighting for supremacy. Then, as if by magic, the sun comes out in the middle of the rain, giving birth to a magnificient rainbow, where each dwarf immediately finds his position. The former cacophony is replaced by harmony! Each dwarf is respected and Dorina the balerina is achieving her dream. The play is accompanied and lead by classical music, both playback and sung on stage, which together with the rhymed lyrics and children audience participation, is responsible for a unique experience.
Duration :40 minutes.
Author:Svetlana Ben
Actress:Svetlana Ben and Ilana Vanstein
Director:Lydmila Vasilea
Decoration:Avner Ben
Singing:Tamar Yuhnovsky

Video Colors of Music

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